Articles, Blog Posts & Copywriting Pieces

We offer three writing styles at this time: articles, blog posts, and copy. All digital pieces are created to be reader-friendly and search engine optimized. We are also happy to upload, optimize, and publish the articles for you at no additional cost. 

We are happy to accommodate ghostwriting requests; you may take credit for these articles, listing yourself as the author, after full payment has been received. 

You may find our rates for each service at the bottom of this page. 

This portfolio only shares a small fraction of the total writing pieces we have published.  

Posts for Bloggers

We wrote these blog posts for bloggers. While business websites earn an income by gaining new customers for the businesses, blogs are sustained by high volumes of readers. Viewers either pay a subscription to see the blog posts, view ads, or support affiliate marketing. 

These pieces are usually longer and go into much more depth than most business articles. Blog posts implement white hat SEO practices but, overall, are intended to be beneficial for readers. 

How to Make Pothos Plants Grow Faster
How Long Does Basil Live? Explaining the Lifecycle.
All About The Pink Popcorn Blueberry
Gold IRA Tax Rules (2022)
How Much Salary Is Needed to Afford a $700K House
Nine Devastating Gold IRA Scams to Avoid
11 Easy Ways to Keep Farm Animals Warm In Winter
What to Plant in December in the USA (By Zone)
How to Power Christmas Lights Without an Outlet
How to Wholesale HUD Houses
The Ultimate Guide to Flipping Houses in California
A Guide to "Subject To" Real Estate
How Does Credit Card Interest Work?
Tesla Model 3 vs. Model S
What To Do in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica
Mercury Square Neptune
Mercury in the 8th House
Scorpio Sun Capricorn Moon
Organic Container Gardening: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners
How to Plant a Tree – Everything You Need to Know
Flowers That Bloom in Winter: Listed by Color
Boating in Charleston, South Carolina
Live Rent and Mortgage Free with One of These Four Hacks
2 Extremely Cheap Ways to Buy a House with Little Money and No Credit Check
The Survival Foods That Kept The British Alive During The Nazi Blockade
(SODIS Method) How to Purify Water Using Sunlight
4 Horrible Pieces of Credit Advice You'll Find on Facebook
5 People Who Retired Before Age 32
The Only Credit Building Guide You'll Ever Need
How Much Does Your Job Cost You? Up to $17k a year.
An Open Letter to My Dad's Murderer
My Tour of Auschwitz and Birkenau-- Part One
Scottsburg, IN: Free or Cheap Things to Do Here
The Elusive Texas Tortoise
Zoom vs. StreamYard
How I Organically Gain 10k Followers on Twitter
How To Create a Newsletter Archive on Your Business Website
How to Grow an Engaged Email List (Even if You're a Boring Person)
12 Features Every Homepage Needs
Life Inside the American Semi

Business Articles

We wrote these articles for businesses that sell physical goods or services. These pieces aim to educate potential and current clients, prove businesses’ authority, and boost businesses’ websites through white hat search engine optimization (SEO). 

Well-written articles and posts will make your website naturally rank higher on search engines like Google; this leads to more views, more customers, and more revenue. 

We have written articles for insurance firms, attorneys, opticians, dentists, chiropractors, veterinarians, farmers, truckers, and more. This is not a complete list of all articles completed. 

The Top Security Cameras That Work Without Internet Requirements
Dental SEO Marketing: The Complete Guide
How to Test For Air Duct Leakage (With Tools You Need)
Condo Insurance in Iowa
What are My Rights Under an Ingress and Egress Easement?
Questions You Should Ask During Your Eye Exam
Top Five Reasons to Consider Dental Implants
5 Common Running Pains and How to Fix Them
What Does a Sports Chiropractor Do?
What Can a Pet Ultrasound Show?
Treating Equine Lameness
Keeping Your Cat Safe from Fleas and Ticks
The Importance of Spaying and Neutering Your Pets
A Humane Beef Industry
Horse Slaughter: The Kind Decision


Transparency is important to us, which is why we publically share our rates. 

Articles + Blog Posts 

500 words or fewer: $75 each

501-1,000 words: $150 each

1001-2,500 words: $375 each

2,501-5,000 words: $700 each

For larger projects, please contact us; we’re happy to help. 


We offer a 10% discount if you order multiple articles at once. Discounts are also available for young entrepreneurs, charities, and microbusinesses.


Product Description: $110

Product Description for Amazon: $160

Social media post or ad (no word limit): $360 each

Email (no word limit): $500 each

Newsletter Package (4 emails a month): $1,500

Twitter Package (4 tweets/day + 4 threads/month): $2,500


All other work is charged at 15 cents per word. 


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