What can a website do for your business?

Automate Booking

Let your clients directly schedule appointments on your new website. While you’re busy working (uninterrupted!) guests are filling up all your available time slots.

Get Paid

What happens when your card reader goes down? Or a customer forgets their debit card at home? Your new website can take payments digitally, making life better for you, your customers, and your employees.

Give You a Breather

Are you answering the same questions over and over everyday? Let us create an easy to navigate frequently asked questions (FAQ) page.

Gain Social Credibility

84% of consumers believe that a website makes a business more credible. If you don't have a site, they're going straight to your competitor who does.

Take Control

What happens if social media goes down, your account gets banned, or a social network shuts down permanently? Will your customers still be able to find you online?

Analyze your customers

Your website knows where your customers came from, which products they looked at, how long they visited, how often they visit, and more. This information can be so beneficial for your business in so many ways.

Help Customers Find You

Let people quickly check your business hours online or easily find & pull up your location with their phone's built in GPS. Your website will also show your email and phone number, so getting in touch with you will never be an issue.

Be a Winner

Businesses that have websites: Earn 2X as much revenue per employee. Experienced revenue growth over the previous year that was nearly 4X as high. Are almost 3X as likely to be creating jobs over the previous year. Have an average employment growth rate that is more than 6X as high.

Streamline the hiring process

Now you can hand out applications and accept resumes digitally.

Gain Trust & Respect

Websites are fantastic ways for people to get to know you and your business before ever meeting or visiting either of you.

Be Accessible

When someone thinks about your business at 2am, your website is there for them. No one wants to work in the middle of the night- but that's when many are researching or shopping. A professional website is a salesman who works 24/7/365 without fail.

Show off

We can create portfolio pages to show off projects. Slideshows for all the sexy machinery your business uses. A blog to flex your mind and show potential clients that they need you. The options are limitless, let's get you in the spotlight!

Be Found

Unless you're on the main drag in town and you've got some big signs up, most people probably won't notice you. No matter where your business calls home, with a professional website you can still be a top result on Google, making you known and drumming up more business.

Become an e-commerce Brand

If you’re ready to take your brick & mortar store to the next level, start selling online. Don't just sell to your region when you can sell to the whole world. Oh and best of all? Your website, unlike Etsy, Amazon, or Gumroad, doesn't take a cut of your profits.

built-in Lead Generation

Your website can collect the names, emails, phone numbers and more of interested clients. Beyond that, my team can also create and send out intuitive digital newsletters to keep your brand at the forefront of everyone's minds.

Create a Resource Library

If you sell products that come with owner manuals, you can do your customers a favor and freely share that with them online. Employees can find instructional materials, how-to videos, the employee handbook, and even internal forms in one very convenient location.


Here are some of the things your new website + Our Team can do For You

Your new website automatically comes with a custom email address (we can create multiple addresses at your request).

Not only does this look more attractive and professional, but it’s usually a lot shorter than free mail accounts. How sexy!

Example: JakeFeedStore@gmail.com can now be Jake@FeedStore.com.

You can choose the domain yourself or let us help you.

It may sound simple picking a URL but you have to keep in mind that:

  1. The domain cannot be taken already.
  2. The domain must be easy to remember.
  3. The domain needs to be short for convenience and credibility. For example, while O’Shaughnessy Asset Management could technically register OSaughnessyAssetManagement.com as their domain, OSAM.com is much better. 
  4. The domain needs to be legible, and not something that can be misread. An example of this: Mike who is a Therapist, should not register the domain miketherapist.com for obvious reasons.

SEO is just a fancy way of saying “how easily can search engines find and understand what your website is about?”. We automatically optimize your website for search engines as we put it together. 

Doing this means that your customers and potential customers can find you easier.

For example: If someone in Dallas pulls up their phone and Googles “mechanic” or “mechanics near me“, your auto repair shop based in Dallas, will be one of the first (if not the very first) results that person will see. 

This feature is so valuable for businesses. Lead generation (sometimes called a sales funnel) is the process of generating consumer interest for your business.

If you own a jewelry shop, you may create (or hire us to create) a free printable jewelry styling guide. For people to get the guide, all they need to do is enter their name and email address. As soon as they fill out the form, that guide shows up in their inbox. They’re happy with the free guide, and now you can start marketing to that person directly through their email via a newsletter.

Not only does this build brand awareness for you, but it also helps you gain trust with your audience. If you keep sending value (helpful guides, updates, discounts, etc) they’ll appreciate you more.

This takes your audience from being warm leads to hot leads, they’re very ready to buy from you now. 

We are happy to set this system up for you. After setting it up we can show you how to manage it yourself or we can do it for you. 

While websites such as Etsy, Amazon, and Gumroad are easy selling platforms, they do come at a price. These large online stores aren’t always practical either; especially for small local businesses where commercial shipping isn’t an option. 

If you sell and deliver firewood, for example, you can’t use any of those platforms. 

With your own website you can set delivery restrictions, and allow customers to conveniently browse, order, and pay online. 

Of course, we can also set up an eCommerce shop on your site that ships all over the world. And best of all, those platforms like Etsy, Amazon, and Gumroad aren’t taking shares of your profit.

We have never set limits on the number of pages we’re willing to create for our customers. We have been warned that we need limits in place, but since Sarah’s first paid website back in 2016, we’ve never had an issue. 

We will create as many pages as you need. 

Most businesses have a Contact, About, and Shop page. But we’re happy to accommodate creating more pages beyond that.

Dog groomers, let us create a page just for you to show off your fluffiest good boys and girls. 

Ranchers, we’re happy to create a page just for you to display your herd’s impressive trophies. 

The opportunities are endless!

We set your website up so it plays well with Google.

When people Google your business, your phone number, address (directions to your storefront), new business email, hours, and new website will pop up. 

If you don’t already have it, we’ll set up Google My Business (GMB) so you can control this information. This is especially useful when you want to change your business hours. 

We can also integrate Google right into your website, such as adding Google Maps to your contact page. 

Depending on which management plan you decide to go with, we can run your social media for you at no additional cost. 

Consistent posting on your social media accounts is good for perceived credibility, and brand awareness.

Active social media accounts draw in more views on your website too, which means more business will be generated. 

Social media management is more than posting a few times a day, it also entails answering direct messages and comments. This is great for boosting customer retention/satisfaction (which can translate to good reviews, which can result in even more business). 

We can set up a page with downloadable resources for customers and/or employees. 

While you’ll want your customer resources to be public, we can hide your employee’s library with a hidden link and even password protect it. 

This is an excellent place to keep important documents, employee handbooks, and even general benefits information. It allows your employees to easily access this crucial information without having to ask you or your HR person to dig it up all the time.

You’ll be surprised at how much of a time saver this one is. 

If you want the public to see you as an expert in your field, you should consider publishing a few articles or blog posts on your website.

For example, say someone is looking to have a barn built. They find two builders in their area, one with an in-depth website, and one with just a contact information site. That person is far more likely to hire the contractor with articles such as “the difference between a gambrel and a mansard roof“, and “three tips to prepare your pole barn for winter” than the contractor who doesn’t share his knowledge freely online. 

We can set up the framework for you to publish information pieces, or we can write and publish the pieces for you. Depending on which management plan you go with, we may be able to do this at no additional charge.

What’s so special about an about page? Well, a lot. 

Believe it or not, good About Pages aren’t really about the business or the owner- they’re secretly about the people they serve. 

The very best of these pages reassure the customer that YES this is the place they need to be doing business with. They also do a great job of proving that the business / owners are trustworthy, knowledgable, and likable. 

(Did you know that having a photo of the owner makes a business more trustworthy? Yep! Subconsciously people feel more at ease buying from a company once they’ve seen the owner’s face. “He wouldn’t show me his face if he was planning on ripping me off!” )

It’s hard to talk about yourself! But we know this stuff, we’re here to help, and we know exactly what to say. 

If your business doesn’t yet have branding in place, that’s okay, we can help with that.

If you need a color palette, branded typography, slogan, or even a mission statement, we’ll do all that for you at no additional cost. 

If you need a logo, we charge a $350 flat fee. No limits on revisions- yes that’s insane- but we’ve never had an issue with clients abusing that policy. 🙂

We can have other graphics created for you too. 

After Your Website is finished,
you'll need to Choose A Plan:

Your first month is free when you buy a website. After that, you need to select one of our four upkeep plans. If you’re not sure which is right for you we’ll help you decide. And don’t worry, we never push for any unnecessary upsells!

Our plans can be flexible to meet your needs. Just be clear with us about what you want to see happen and we’ll make it happen. 



Per month



Per month



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And for the busiest business Owners, we Offer Our premium Plan:



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